Chinese Farmer Makes His Own Bionic Prosthetic Hands

May 28, 2013


This is Sun Jifa, a Chinese farmer who lost both his hands and, forced to make the decision between saving for expensive prosthetics from the hospital or using barely functioning cheap ones, decided to make his own. Now he's building and selling them to other amputees at a tenth of the cost charged by hospitals, and has already sold over 1,000. That's a lot of hands.

Sun Jifa, from China's northern Jilin province, lost both his hands when a fishing explosive went off prematurely in his home nine years ago.

Eager to get his hands back, Sun spent the next eight years crafting his own steel bionic pair from scratch with little direction but his own intuition.

"It transfers power from the natural movement of my elbow into the finger, allowing it to grab and hold. This is the left hand. For the other hand, rotating the two bones that I have left in this arm allows my right hand to open and close like this."

Sun's hands made him a practical celebrity in his hometown and earned him national media attention.

Wait -- he lost his hands when a fishing explosive went off prematurely IN HIS HOME? That is like, as premature as possible for a fishing explosive. ZERO BOATS IN SIGHT. That said, I used to know a guy who made his own fireworks at home. "What happened to him?" WTF do you think happened to him? "House fire?" Roller coaster came off the tracks.

Hit the jump for a video of Sun's inspirational story.

Thanks to whoever sent me this who's email I couldn't find again. That's my bad and I feel awful about it.

  • cabbo

    Let's all give this guy a big hand!

  • Bubbubsky

    It just goes to show you that genius comes in all forms. For a poor farmer in China to be capable of engineering prosthetics like this is astounding.

  • Azariel_z

    Soo... who made his hands again?

  • Techtron

    thats awsome

  • Guest

    Well done with this interesting craft. Kind of similar function to how the upper-arm functions the fingers. Especially great that he is providing to folks in need.

  • Give that man a medal

  • AdvancePlays

    What a badass

  • Guest

    Nobody noticed he lost both of hes hand in "fishing accident" which involved explosives? Hes Will E Coyote.

  • Sylvain Gagné

    He made this arm without arm, is a miracle!

  • SandraLopez

    my c○-w○rKеr's m○m mаKеs $86/h○υr ○ո thе іոtеrոеt. Shе hаs bееո fіrеd fr○m w○rK f○r sіx m○ոths bυt lаst m○ոth hеr раymеոt wаs $15775 jυst w○rKіոg ○ո thе іոtеrոеt f○r а fеw h○υrs. Rеаd m○rе hеrе,

  • jibjab

    He probably had a hand.

  • Joel Lamm

    Sun Jifa Stark

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