CG Star Wars Versus Star Trek Battle In San Francisco

May 22, 2013


This is a computer graphics clash between the forces of Star Wars and Star Trek in and above San Francisco. Who wins? I'm not saying, that would be a spoiler. I'm joking, the video's called 'Death Star Destroys Enterprise'. It's a special extended re-release of this crappier version made in 2009. Can you believe I remembered that? ME NEITHER. It's like how some days I can't remember my ATM PIN but I could easily stand there singing the entire f***ing DuckTales theme song. Whoo-oo!

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Stephanie, V-Unit, rob, Albino and Limer, who agree that superlaser is far too powerful to just blow up the Enterprise without accidentally taking out the whole planet in the process.

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