Cats Love Playing Dress Up: Lion Mane Hats For Cats

May 6, 2013


This is one of the custom made lion hats sold by Etsy shop Nestanest that makes your cat look like a little lion. And who hasn't dreamed of having a pet lion? Nobody whose dreams I want to hear about, that's for sure. Obviously, the hats will look best on an orange cat, but will still make a non-orange cat look cuter too. I suggest getting a human-sized one to match and just really committing to it. That way whenever you have company comes over you can be all, "ROAR! We're a pride of lions!" Then, presto, you don't have company over anymore.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.




Thanks to kitty, who can apparently use a computer which is ultra impressive for a cat and should consider joining my webcam carnival show.

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