Birthday Cake w/ Old School Video Games On Each Side

May 13, 2013


This is the birthday cake made by Wedding Cakes By Nicole featuring Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Tetris and Frogger scenes on each side, and Pong on the top. And if you think I wouldn't peel all those characters off and eat them you are wrong. Dead wrong. If you were a video game you'd be blinking GAME OVER right now.

Dimity asked me to create a cake for her Fiance, Stephen, who loves "old school" computer games.

I created a 3 tier square cake, with each of the sides representing a popular retro platform game. Topped off with a game off Pong, with the score depicting Stephen's "30" years. The board had a joystick, buttons and coin slot.

Man, I would have killed to have that birthday cake. Hell, I would have pushed somebody down the stairs to have ANY cake. And choked somebody for a single friend to even remember my birthday. Do you even know which month it is? *waving knife* TELL ME WHICH MONTH IT IS. *trips and falls on knife* I just...wanted...a surprise party.

Hit the jump for shots from all around.







Thanks to myself, who's gotten so used to spending birthdays alone half the time I don't even realize it was my birthday till a couple days after.

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