Beautiful Adventure Time Ice King And Marceline Cosplay

May 10, 2013


This is a series of photographs from Mineralblu Photography of some Twinzik cosplayers dressed as Simon Petrikov (the future Ice King) and Marceline from Adventure Time. Touching, isn't it? You? You should be not touching right now. Put your hands down. I SAID PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN. Why do you always have to touch everything anyways? You're like a child. Let me guess -- you also have to see what the bathroom looks like whenever you go somewhere new. Jk jk, that's totally normal. I'm always hoping to see one of those little kiddy urinals or a bathroom attendant. Oh, like I'm the only one who plays bathroom bingo?

Hit the jump for several more of the impressiveness.





Thanks to ML, who agrees adventure times are the best times besides afternoon nap times.

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