Arts & Crafts: Twist-Tie Link, Mario, Doctor Who And More

May 24, 2013


Remember DeviantARTist justjake54's twist-tie Ninja Turtles? Well now he's made a bunch of other characters. What will this guy think of next? Fingers crossed for anything but twist-tie pornography. "I'd watch it." No -- we'd watch it together. We're a team, remember? "What the f*** are you talking about?" Come give me a hug.

Hit the jump for the others.






Thanks to viridislament, who took a poll and nine out of ten loaves of bread prefer twist-ties to plastic clips.

  • Cheese

    They look shit.

  • Michael Knight

    and to think this person could have spent their time doing anything else more productive. anything. and didn't.

  • jacob branstetter

    its what I do when i watch TV. they're quite fun to make

  • AdvancePlays

    Just look at all the fucks people are giving you!

  • Cheese

    AdvancePlays - Internet badass.

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