AK-47 Turned Into Fully Functional Golden Guitar

May 10, 2013


This is the AK-47 that guitar maker Jimmy DiResta turned into a fully functional guitar for Wycleaf Jean. It carries a powerful message. One about...Haiti? Okay so maybe I don't know what the message is, or if there even is one. Not everything has to make some sort of social or political statement you know. I like how there's a little mini-guitar on the gun's magazine, that was a nice touch. The gold paint? That was a Midas touch. HAHA, SOMEBODY COME SMASH MY F***ING HANDS WITH A HAMMER SO I CAN'T TYPE ANYMORE.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile time-lapse of Jimmy building the guitar -- it really is pretty impressive.


Thanks to landon, who agrees a functional AK-47 made out of a guitar would be even more impressive.

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