32-Game X-Box Disc Changing Carousel Made From LEGO

May 16, 2013


This is the 32-disc X-Box carousel made entirely out of LEGO by Youtuber zwenkka. It can remove a game disc from the console and replace it with any of 31 others (selected via Bluetooth) in an average of 42-seconds. Which, let's not kid ourselves, is still way quicker than it would take to convince yourself to get off the f***ing sofa and do it by hand. Hell, it could take ten minutes and it would still be worth it. Do you know how long I have to call myself a lazy waste of life before I'll actually get off the couch and do something? Try two and a half hours. I've literally been banned from every pizza delivery place in town.

Hit the jump for a video of the impressiveness.

Thanks to MindBender, who actually started with spoons and worked his way up to minds.

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