3-D Printed Stormtroopers/Carbonite With Your Face

May 16, 2013


In happier Disney news, the parks will be offering custom 3-D printed stormtroopers with your face this summer as part of Disney Star Wars Weekends. Don't fancy yourself Imperial ion-cannon fodder? NO WORRIES, they're also selling 3-D printed versions of you frozen in carbonite. Will Leia come rescue you?! I wouldn't count on it.

The 10-minute experience captures an image of the fan, which is later sent to a high-resolution 3D printer to create a figurine. The completed figurine will arrive in seven to eight weeks for domestic shipping.

The Star Wars D-Tech Me experience is $99.95, plus shipping and applicable sales tax.

Seven to eight weeks for delivery?! If I was Disney, I'd sell personalized 3-D printed stormtroopers and offer INSTANT DELIVERY. You know how? "Only printing stormtroopers with their masks still on." Ding ding ding! You and I should start a business together.

Thanks to jj, who always gets one of those caricature drawings done at Disney and is never really happy with the results. Is anybody?

  • Elak Swindell

    $100 for a figure? Get real. Sure, it's very cool idea, but not at that price. Maybe $30 or $40, but no higher.

  • Am I the only one who noticed that there are only five different faces in that picture!? Come on, Disney. If you can't spend a little more money on your promotional image, how am I expected to shell out a hundred bucks for the product?

    They could have at least Photoshopped it...

  • larley

    This is actually done by Cubify, the same guys who do the Star Trek figurines.


  • Brant_Alan

    A female storm-trooper? I don't think so. In fact there were only like 3 ladies in the first 3 star wars movies alone.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Given the era they were made in, it's no surprise. But according to the books and other outside movie paraphernalia, there were some seriously bad ass women.

  • Elak Swindell

    You clearly haven't read any of the SW comics, have you? There have been many female troopers, as well as upper command officers as well. It just makes sense being that there are thousands of female soldiers in our own armed forces. The Empire isn't just a male oriented organization, they just don't like non-humans, but will tolerate them for soldiers (depending on the species).

  • Brant_Alan

    No, I haven't read the comics. Clearly.
    It was also called a joke at the observation of the very few females featured in the original Star Wars.
    I'm quite aware of the probably existence of a female population in the Star Wars lore.
    Again. Just trying to make a joke to point something out about the movies.

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