Zombie Snakes: Rattlesnakes Can Still Bite And Kill Up To An Hour After Decapitation

April 22, 2013


Because Mother Nature is completely out of her f***ing mind, decapitated rattlesnakes can still strike and cripple/kill their enemies up to an hour after being decapitated. They can't fly though, so now would be a good time to start saving for that jetpack.

Rattlesnake venom destroys tissues and causes crippling paralysis, sometimes leading to death. When Santa Cruz homeowner Thomas Scott encountered such a deadly predator in his garage, he took defensive matters into his own hands. However, unlike mammals, reptile reflexes remain deadly after death. In fact, they can still bite and deliver a killing dose of venom up to an hour after being decapitated. And after Thomas delivered what he thought was a deadly blow, the snake's head-severed from its body-continued to scan the area, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

There's a video of dude's decapitated rattlesnake head trying to bite him after the jump, which is every bit as terrifying as it sounds. But after a couple failed attempts it just gets sad. I would have at least tossed him a shoe to bite so he could have died thinking he avenged himself.

Hit the jump for a short video of just the biting, and a longer National Geographic video promoting some new show about freaky deaky animals (skip to 1:00 if you're gonna watch that one).

Thanks to Citizen, who bites rattlesnakes before they bite him. That's how hardcore he is.

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