FINALLY: A House Shaped Like A Dinosaur's Head

April 3, 2013


This is the OLS House designed by architectural studio J. Mayer H. and built near Stuttgart, Germany. It's supposed to like a dinosaur head. I would live there, and I would insist on not having a numbered street address. Because if "the house that looks like a dinosaur head" isn't good enough, I'm not sure I want to live ANYWHERE on this planet anymore. To the moon! *jumps out of swing at its highest point* Aaaaand there went my legs. Can you see the bone? You can see the bone, can't you? My mom's gonna kill me.

Hit the jump for several more including an interior shot.






Thanks to fat piggie, who built his house out of wolf pelts and never had any problems with some big bad wolf trying to blow his house down.

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