Yeah You Did: Dual Dinosaurs Beard And Mustache

April 11, 2013


This are both sides of some dude's beard featuring a raptor and apatosaurus facing off in battle. Or maybe just standing there making eyes at each other. Apparently the beard won some school's 'teacher beard growing competition', which, as far as prestige goes, is only one step up from my annual 'roommate beard growing competition'. I won the last two years in a row just for living alone. Unfortunately, now I live with this idiot Derek and he's like a caveman when it comes to growing beards. I want to shave it off in his sleep, but how I am supposed to explain what I'm doing if he wakes up? "Tell him you were collecting hair to make a voodoo doll." Yes! Or was having trouble sleeping and need him to read me a bedtime story.

Thanks to my pal Terry, who tries to tell me he's a bigger dino fan than me just because he has both of those glow-in-the-dark dinosaur coins. Please -- the money doesn't make the man, Terry. And to beeps, who knows the real #1 dino fan is probably neither one of us. And to Anjie, who might actually be number one -- who the hell knows?

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