WTF, Mall Security?: Bag-Snatcher Knocks Himself Out Running Through Glass, Still Manages To Escape

April 1, 2013


This is a video of an Australian purse-snatching thief making a run for it when he decides to go head first through a glass pane instead of using the automatic door. It knocks him out for a little while. Amazingly, he's still able to get up and make off with the purse, proving mall security training standards clearly aren't what they used to be. Remember when mall security was like, only the best and brightest? Because when I was growing up every kid wanted to be an astronaut, monster truck driver or mall security officer. You know, back when kids still had dreams.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Argh and Paul S, who don't snatch purses from old ladies because, you know, they're not at rock bottom.

  • Sakaco

    Welcome to Australia and let that be a lesson to you about purse snatching. We don't call them malls we call them shopping centres.

  • Paperduck

    I love the bit when in the instant he brakes through the glass the actual door ironically slides open, closing the hole he just made behind him.

  • soup

    I remember when I was younger I loved those turning doors. I got so
    excited with them at a restaurant once that I just kept running in them,
    spinning like crazy. On my final run through I completely missed the
    door, and ran full pelt into the plate glass windows.
    The jarring
    THUD of my tiny body impacting against the glass at Mach speed could be
    heard throughout the entire restaurant. Silence reigned for a few
    seconds, and then everyone-literally everyone in the place- broke down
    in tears.
    Even the guards outside were laughing themselves to pieces.
    Even my parents, who pulled me up as I wailed (half in shock, half in
    embarrassment) were besides themselves with laughter.

    I wonder if those guards still remember that little retarded kid who ran into the wall while they were at work.

  • LittleBigFace

    The first few seconds of that would make an awesome gif.

  • Vlad

    There was a FUCKING PLANT RIGHT THERE~~~!!!

  • Max Baldwin

    They must use Windex!

  • Ha this would make a great windex commercial. Too good!

  • Brant_Alan

    It looks like at the end first a friend of the window-diver shows up to 'help'? Followed by a man probably asking if he's ok. Last by the security who leap frogs over him and straddles his head for a moment before he stumbles away with a concussion and smearing blood on people's cars.

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