Working Overtime: Guy Turns His Office Cubicle Into A Cardboard Castle

April 8, 2013


It even has a princess to save!

You know what sucks about cubicles? Everything. But at the very top of the list is definitely how hard they make it to pretend you work in a castle. Thankfully, one intrepid DirecTV employee solved that problem by converting his cubicle into a medieval cardboard fortress. It's inspired me to do the same, and I challenge any of you evil knights in upper management to try to lay siege to my castle. Oh, here comes my boss. Aaaaaand he just tore a wall off. DAMMIT MR. HESS, YOU HAVE TO PRETEND THE BLUE CONSTRUCTION PAPER IS A MOAT. Do-over, DO-OVER! What do you mean, "Where did I find those boxes?" They were in the supply closet with the rest of the stuff I sneak home. Quick, Sir Smokebreakalot -- douse him with the hot tar! *watches boss being burned with a pot of hot coffee* Haha, Sir Smokebreakalot is totally getting fired for that.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.



Thanks to my pal Terry, who starts a new office job on Wednesday and I have every intention of rescuing him from his cubicle castle before riding off into the sunset together and sacrificing him to a dragon.

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