What The Internet Was Made For: Website Finds Picture Of A Person Pointing At Your Current Cursor Location

April 17, 2013


Pointerpointer is a website that finds a picture of someone pointing to the current location of your mouse cursor. Apparently the site has existed for awhile but my mom has just now let me start surfing the internet unsupervised so I have a lot of catching up to do. A friend told me there are even websites out there dedicated to nothing but pictures of naked women. Yowzers!

Thanks to Bert, who just pointed at me and yelled, "That man stole my wallet!" Not cool, bro.

  • every guy in those looks like a real douche

  • Old but still cool

  • ImNoRobot

    it flashes the picture for a fraction of a second

  • xoJessa

    So cool but too bad some of the images are recycled. They're "moved" a little over to match your cursor.

  • Brant_Alan

    Move your mouse around the bottom left hand corner and you'll see some trickery involved. Impressive idea nonetheless.

  • cockstain

    if you move your mouse to the top right corner you just get some dude looking at his watch

  • oz

    I think its croping the image a bit strange... on the edge you can see some blured thinger tip

  • Jono Charles Davey

    We need to shut it down before it becomes self-aware.

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