Vigilante Drunkness: Superhero Shot Glasses With Capes

April 30, 2013


These are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman themed shot glasses with attached capes. Because what's a shot glass without a cape? "Way more practical." That's correct. Each glass will set you back $7.50 (although for fairness they're also available from Busted Tees), which is a little steep by shot glass standards, but remember: with great power comes great financial responsibility. They sell $11 caped pint glasses too if shots aren't your thing. Which, judging from your flawless supervisor evaluation at work, I'm guessing they're not. I puked in my boss's paper shredder.

Hit the jump for more shots including the pint glasses.





Thanks to Jacques and The Brett, who don't need glasses because they drink their shots straight from the bottles like real superheroes and bums do.

  • McfeelySmackup

    Wonder Woman wears a cape now? Or did she get up earlier than Batman and put his cape on while she slutted around his apartment instead of going the hell home so he can get on with his day.

  • Depending on where you are really, you can get these for $5 at Spencers.

  • Brandon

    Why is there a cape on the Wonder Woman glass?

  • Shalashaska

    they have been selling these at spencers gifts for near a decade.

  • vadersapp

    I got the Superman shot glass as a Christmas gift. Didn't know that there was a pint glass, though. I need it, too!

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