Video Games Imagined As Dr. Seuss Book Covers

April 5, 2013


She is just a small girl,

but has no fear of capture.

She has a Big Daddy
down with her in Rapture.

This is a small series (there's only three) of video games imagined as Dr. Seuss books by DiviantARTist DrFaustusAU (who also wrote the captions I included and made THESE Batman related Seuss comics). Dr. Seuss video game books would be the perfect thing to read to your child to get them excited about video games when they're still to young and uncoordinated to actually PLAY video games. Gotta teach them young. That said: happy hour, suckers -- I'M OUT. *phone rings* Dammit, or a dentist appointment. Fingers crossed she pulls all my teeth and I can only eat from nipples for the rest of my life.

Hit the jump for Skyrim and Silent Hill ones.


Back up, my friends.

Please make some room.
I'm just about to shout my Thu'um!


What is this place?

I cannot tell.

Is it just fog,
or is it hell?

Thanks to Jody, who informed me Dr. Seuss wasn't a real doctor and has me all worried now about my dentist's credentials.

  • Dillon Beard

    seriously, enough of these.

  • Anon_posting_was_better_gw

    Sort of good, but also disappointingly generic. I wish artists would stop combining whatever pop culture mixup they think is likely to get them the most views. I also hate that people fall for it so easily. Please be more original world.

  • Closet Nerd, what do you bring to the table?
    .....just sayin

  • I like the arrow to the knee. Subtle.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Thank god there was no "The Cake is a Lie" one this time.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Come to my Lab.
    Please don't be shy.
    But you have been warned,
    The Cake is a Lie.

  • Pamela Franck

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  • Gromagnon

    or TGTWNTCIAL if you're into the whole brevity thing

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