Two People, One Car, Four DUI's: Australian Couple Both Charged With Drunk Driving Twice In One Day

April 2, 2013


A couple in Australia managed to score four drunk driving charges in one day after repeatedly switching drivers after one of them would get pulled over and breathalized. Problem solving: they're not very good at it. Terrifying pedestrians, yes.

Dunwich police conducted a road side breath test on a female driver in Snapper Street, Point Lookout about 1pm.

The 27-year-old recorded a reading of .126 per cent and was charged with drink driving.

A short time later police stopped the same car which was now being driven by the passenger, a 34-year-old man from Redbank Plains.

He recorded a breath test reading of .110 per cent and was also charged with drink driving.

The couple were released but shortly afterwards the man was observed by police in Point Lookout driving the vehicle again.

The man again recorded a positive breath test and was charged with drink driving as well as driving while suspended.

Incredibly the couple returned to their vehicle and the woman again got behind the wheel.

They were again stopped by police and the woman was n charged with drink driving and driving while suspended.

Wow, two drunk driving charges apiece in one day, that...probably shouldn't even be possible. After the first one authorities should have dropped them off in the desert so they have to walk back to town and sober up. Or get lost, walk the wrong way for 12 miles, then die of dehydration or an animal attack. Just like in the movies.

Thanks to Mike L, who agrees a taxi might have been a good idea. Or jetpacks.

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