The Editable 'Print A Cheat-Sheet On An Aquafina Bottle Label And Ace Your Test' Website

April 24, 2013


Note: The Geekologie Writer does not condone cheating (on tests OR lovers) and managed to make his way through high school, undergrad, and a master's degree and he's dumb as shit so come on, if he can do it, so can you. Sure I failed the hell out of some tests, but you know what? I did it in a blaze of glory and HONOR.

Just in time for exams comes the White Weasel editable and printable Aquafina cheat-sheet bottle label (note: not a new concept). You just go to the website, replace the label text with the info you need for your exam, print it out, glue it to a water bottle, and PRESTO, you passed a test you didn't really deserve to. Dare you to glue it to a Mountain Dew Bottle.

Thanks to Chris From Back Hand, who agrees the best way to pass a test is to stay up for two nights cramming for it, regurgitating all that info on test day, then promptly forgetting every bit of it. Ah, college.

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