Star Wars Bantha, AT-AT, And Tauntaun Dog Costumes

April 18, 2013


Because humans aren't the only animals that like to play dress-up and pretend they're something they're not for awhile to escape the monotony of regular life, this is a series of Star Wars dog costumes from Costume Craze. You should put one on your dog and bring it to the next convention you attend. Convention doesn't allow pets? Wear dark glasses and tell them it's guide dog. Security calls your bluff because they already saw you taking pictures earlier? Threaten a lawsuit. Or just dress them up the next time you take them to the dog park to make some new friends. I just did it with my dog except she refused to get out of the car. Which is weird because she was all about going through the Burger King drive-thru.

Hit the jump for the tauntaun, dewback and AT-AT costumes.




Thanks to Maloney, who dressed a dog up like Jabba and gave it a complex. WTF BRO?

  • Treori

    If only they made these for rabbits. I think I could quite possibly make my bunny hate me even more then usual while getting in a few snickers at her expense and bleeding all over the carpet form the bite she will surely give me for doing this to her.

  • hexrob

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  • Guest

    *puts only Bantha hat on dog* Now I has myself a hell-hound. >:D

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