So It's Come To This: Quadrocopter Used To Deliver Engagement Ring During Marriage Proposal

April 23, 2013


This is a video of Jason Don'tknowhislastname proposing to his heavily pregnant girlfriend Christina Soontobedon'tknowhislastname with an engagement ring flown in on a quadrocopter. It all takes place in Alamo Square Park (aka the park from the Full House opening credits) in San Francisco. Admittedly the time leading up to the proposal is pretty sweet, I just don't understand how the quadrocopter fits in. It just seems to be one of those, "Just because you can" kind of situations. That would be like me asking my girlfriend if she'd mind making me a sandwich and then having a ring poking out the top of the peanut butter which is actually a great idea although nothing like this quadrocopter one and probably what I'm going to do and you better not steal it first. *pounding table* You hear me?! Those 'PB & Jelly Proposal' Youtube hits are mine.

Hit the jump for the video.

Today's secret codeword is 'fluffernutter'.

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