Robotic Mecha For Kids, Now With A Big Daddy Drill Arm

April 30, 2013


Remember Sakakibara's walking mecha suit for kids? Of course you don't, I posted it back in 2010, it's 2013 now, and you're not an elephant. I only BARELY remember it and I had to write the damn article. Anyways, now Sakakibara has a new mecha suit for kids featuring one grasping arm with what appears to be missile launchers surrounding it AND A BIOSHOCK BIG DADDY SPINNING DRILL ARM. Because that's what a child who's still developing their motor skills needs -- a deadly weapon attachment. You know there's a reason why they don't let kids drive cars till they're 16. I think it's to make it harder to run away from home.

Hit the jump for a brief video of the not very fun looking mecha in action.

Thanks to mchl, who agrees the day kids start wanting mecha suits for their birthdays instead of ponies is the day I don't want to live on this planet anymore. "It's already happened." THEN WE BLAST OFF TONIGHT.

  • Guest

    Needs lasers, then it is complete. BTW this is really adorable.

  • Tacobot 3000

    Maury Povich: "... and the blood test reveals, you are NOT the Big daddy!"

  • OrehRatiug

    Its Tron Bonne! If she were bored out of her mind.

  • catallergy

    That thing sucks pretty hard. It also bears a striking resemblance to the ED-209 from Robocop.

  • Reminds me of T. Bonne from Mega Man.

  • catallergy

    I can definitely see that.

  • Isaac King

    She looks so bored.

  • lordpikachu

    it's only a matter of time before we all have gundams

  • catallergy

    Yes please. Although if it looks like the one above count me out.

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