Riding In Style (And Batman's Lap): Batman Kid's Car Seat

April 26, 2013


Drive fast and reckless mom, Batman will protect me!

Continuing with yesterday's Batman theme on Geekologie, this is the $150 Batman Carseat from KidsEmbrace. It's a kid's car seat that lets your little tyke ride around IN BATMAN'S LAP. With dual handjob cupholders! When I was growing up carseats didn't have cupholders OR ANYWHERE ELSE TO PUT MY CHEERIOS. The car seat comes with a cape your child can wrap around themselves for EXTRA SECURITY. And what kid doesn't want to ride around in Batman's lap? Hell, I just wrote the company complaining the 100lb weight limit is bullshit and demanded an adult model.

Hit the jump for a couple shots of the seat in use.




Thanks to Nack, who requested a Spider Man car seat which I disagree with because his costume is too tight. Batman at least has hard armor so you can't feel his wiener.

  • Guest

    If there was a picture of Jim Saville instead of batman, this would no longer be funny.

  • i think id just end up sticking my junk in his hands

  • It's the safety restraint your car deserves, but not the one it needs...

  • alexisHimself

    Robin had one when he was little

  • Renee Krys J

    and the spongebob and dora ones are just creepy lol

  • Bobert

    As long as the batman having my kid on its lap isnt Adam West..

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    At first, "Awesome!" After 2 seconds thought, "Wildly inappropriate!"

    Make it look like the driver's seat of the batmobile, now you're talkin.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    In all humility, this is a better design than my Gary Glitter Kid's Car Seat.

  • woop woop

    "HEY KIDS, SIT ON MY LAP!" - pedo batman is at it again.

  • PUNX

    So GW you want the ""Adult Model"

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