Spineless Classics: Entire Books Printed As Posters

April 1, 2013


This is the entirety of The Hobbit printed out on a single page as a decorative poster. It's available from Spineless Classics, and they have a ton of other single page book posters available too if Hobbits aren't your thing. The Secret Garden? Yep. Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone? Uh-huh. All the other Harry Potters? Nope, just the first one. I used to have one of those giant poster-sized crossword puzzles I tacked up next to the toilet that I'd work on whenever I was using the bathroom. Until I ran out of TP. Then it became TP.

Click HERE for a higher-res shot of the Harry Potter one.

Thanks to Pogonophile, who's a word wizard and can still read a poster-sized page a minute.

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