Okay: New Flexi-Hose 'Origami' Condom Designs

April 23, 2013


These are Daniel Resnic's 'Origami' condom designs. Despite what the name might imply, the condoms are actually latex-free silicon, which is a good thing because no folded paper crane on your pecker is gonna prevent your girlfriend from getting pregnant.

The Origami Male Condom (meant to be used for sex with a woman) is non-rolled, lubricated on the inside and creates a "reciprocating motion inside the condom that simulates the sensation of 'sex without a condom'..."

Origami condoms have also been developed specifically for women (the Origami Female Condom) and receptive anal intercourse (the Origami R.A.I. Condom) both of which are inserted. Pending regulatory approvals, this innovative line of condoms are expected to reach the market in early 2015.

There are video demos of all three condoms after the jump, which should only be watched by really, really mature people. You can see in the male demonstration that the condom kind of accordions back and forth to stimulate your wiener more than a regular condom would. Also, was it just me or were those wooden penis stand-ins they used for the demo a little larger than average? Hey, I'm just looking out for you little guys (I have to use yard waste bags for protection and then the city get pissed when I set them out by the curb on trash day).

Hit the jump for the demos but WARNING: they can be considered graphic (female condom one features Fleshlight and dildo, ass condom one features computer graphic cutaway of fingers in butt).

Thanks to Alex, whose email I mistook for boner pill spam at first because the opening sentence was about his thermos-sized peenor.

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