OH HAI!: Chompy The Shark Terrifies Kayak Fisherman

April 11, 2013


WARNING: Bro lets out a solid 'HOLY SH!T' at the 0:22 mark.

This is a video of kayak fisherman Isaac Brumaghim just doing his thing, reeling in a fish, when Chompy the shark breaches the water and tries to steal it from him. That's rude. I don't care how hard some marine biologist tries to argue sharks are just misunderstood, they're f***ing terrifying. Honestly, they're probably the number one reason I'm not a pro-surfer right now.

Hit the jump for the video, but don't forget the cussing at 0:22 so yell something yourself (i.e. "I CAN'T STAND IT HERE") right then so your boss can't hear it.

Thanks to mr squibb, who would have punched that shark in the nose and made it go fetch another fish for him for being so rude in the first place.

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