Now Open A Tear: Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth Cosplay

April 12, 2013


I've kind of gotten out of the habit of posting single cosplayer galleries but I'm playing Bioshock right now and Elizabeth is a very special person so I'm posting her (portrayed here by DeviantARTist ormeli, who was actually asked by Irrational Games to be the box-art face of the character). I don't even care if Elizabeth has a mangled pinky and wears a thimble over it, and that's saying a lot because I'm a very superficial person. One time I got up and left a restaurant with an, "I've just lost my appetite" because my waiter was ugly. Obviously I'm projecting and that actually happened to me. TLDNR: I always cringe during Outback Steakhouse commercials.

Hit the jump for several more including an animated gif of Elizabeth smacking you with a book.






Thanks to Tag, who wishes tonics existed in real life. Right? I want my hands to melt down to the bone every so often.

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