Never Asleep: Eyelids Tattooed To Look Like Open Eyes

April 29, 2013


Presumably to compliment his existing brass knuckles and tribal face tattoos, this is a shot of some dude who got his eyelids tattooed to look like they're always open. That's probably gonna make it hard for him to find a sleeping partner. Because I remember dating a girl in college who had an eye that wouldn't close all the way when she slept and I had to ask her to sleep facing the wall so I wouldn't have nightmares. Unbelievably, she actually broke up with me for talking in my sleep. Hit it, Alanis! ♫ And isn't it ironic -- don't you think? ♫ I have no clue if it is or not but YOU OUGHTA KNOW I was hoping for 'Hand In My Pocket' instead.

Thanks to chichi, who's not particularly head over heels for eyelid tattoos. I'll stop now.

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