My Knitted Boyfriend: Complete Knitted Human Bodysuit

April 22, 2013


My Knitted Boyfriend is a knitted bodysuit by Noortje de Keijzer that looks like a cartoon man that can be worn by a real man. Don't have a real man? Stuff this one full of pillows and socks and commit to the sadness. Presumably the bodysuit was made for women that love everything else about their lover except his looks. This way you can knit him to look like whatever you want. Except realistic looking. Or thinner. That's where the Spanx come in. Fun fact: one time I doubled up on Spanx and passed out during a dance recital. My little sister's. She accused me of trying to steal the spotlight when she was on stage but in reality she's a terrible dancer and I was doing her a favor.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.




Thanks to ChaosLex and marcie, who have never knitted themselves lovers because they've never needed to. Yeah, same goes for me. Totally haven't made one out of clay either.

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