Murderous iPad Stuck In Car Bumper Like A Ninja Star

April 11, 2013


As proof that Apple products, are, in fact, deadly weapons, this is the iPad that got stuck in a Georgia woman's car bumper. The woman says she noticed an object coming at her while driving but didn't think anything of it (not a good driver quality btw) until she got home and saw the iPad wedged in there. Hey -- it's still better than having to poke a dead bird out of your grill with a coat hanger.

What she found was an iPad so deeply wedged inside her car's bumper that she needed to hammer it out.

The woman, who managed to turn on the iPad, found the owner of the iPad's contact information and returned it to him. Apparently, he had left his iPad on top of his car and drove off, thus creating the flying iPad stuck on her car bumper.

Presumably dude agreed to pay for the damages. Or maybe he didn't, who knows? Maybe he just said "Gee, thanks," then slammed the door in her face. People these days -- they're just terrible. Earlier this week I had to listen to some jerkbag at the grocery store yell at a checkout lady like it was her fault they don't carry the brand of deodorant he wanted. I only lasted like ten seconds before I snapped and told him if he didn't STFU I was going to scan his face like a barcode THEN BAG HIM. He left after that (I imagine he smelled the booze on me and knew I meant business) and then all the employees cheered and raised me up on their shoulders and marched me up and down the frozen food aisle like I was the king of TV dinners and ice cream.

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Thanks to Kate, who informed me her iPads don't end up in your bumper unless she wants them there. I think she might be some sort of technology ninja.

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