Mmmm: Milk That Tastes Like It's Already Had Cereal In It

April 15, 2013


Cow Wow Cereal Milk is a line of milk that tastes like it's already had cereal marinating in it. They come in six different flavors representing six different kinds of cereal, including: Chocolate Chip Cathy, Fruity Trudy, Honey Beatrice, Cinny Minny, Peanut Butter Bessie, and Frosty Francine. Can you guess which kind of cereal corresponds to each milk? I bet you can -- you're a smart cookie. Just not a particularly good tasting one. Plus crumbly. Dammit, are these raisins?

Thanks to PYY, who agrees the best cereal milk is made after a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles, no arguing.

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