Medieval Leather Armor Batman And Aquaman Costumes

April 15, 2013


These are the Batman and Aquaman medieval leather armor costumes crafted by deviantARTist Azmal of the Prince Armory. You may recall already seeing the Batman armor back in this post, but now there's an Aquaman version. Plus they plan on making Loki, Deadpool and Green Lantern ones. These are exciting times we live in, folks. Stay tuned for what I'm thinking about having for lunch! "Tuna salad." GOD YOU'RE GOOD.

Hit the jump for several closeups of Aquaman.




Thanks to Dam, who told me he has a magical suit of armor that transforms him into a dragon even though I'm pretty sure it's still just him roaring and pretending to shoot fireballs.

  • cool batman costume

  • Deksam

    Aqua Man would be much better off skinny dipping. and in that suit, Good luck swimming at all.

  • His head is awfully vulnerable.

  • mrHiggins

    why does it look like the they photoshoped the costumes into the lead image? why go through the trouble of editing them into a con?

  • AW

    I assume the aquaman guy came to the convention by riding that whale in the background.

  • Bobert

    you're so evil i think it...... ok UP you go.

  • Inch

    That's not Batman, it's the Witch-King of Agmar, the Lord of the Nazgul. "No man can kill me" "I am no man!"

  • It looks way more like sauron. Watch the movie again!!!

  • n11

    I thought it was perhaps robin, but awesome none the less.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Nice work and all, but why go to all that trouble over the second-stupidest superhero ever?

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Second stupidest? You obviously never encountered The Bouncer!

    or even more incredible, Tigerman.

  • Second?

  • Jadis

    Let's see how stupid you think Aquaman is when he's riding in on Cthulhu's shoulders!

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Chulhu! Look out! There's a homosexual on you!

  • Jadis

    oh, don't be such a hater.

  • Jadis

    we'll see how stupid you think it when Aquaman rolls in on the shoulder of Cthulhu!

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Cthulhu, looks like you've got something there... crabs maybe?

  • Turbosloth

    Seriously, batman is so overplayed

  • Zach V

    The Aquaman one is exceptionally made. You know you're a skilled craftsman when you can make leather armor that looks more like metal than leather.

  • Matticus Morgan

    Aquaman's still geh

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