Man Creates Ice Waterfall Down The Side Of Apartment Building By Leaving Tap Water Running Entire Winter

April 18, 2013


58-year old Wen Hsu has lived in the same apartment building in Jilin city, China, for the last 35-years. Recently, all of Wen's neighbors were bought out of the building by a construction company wanting to build a mall in its location. Except Wen says they weren't offering a fair price, so he's staying. And when winter came and he was worried about the pipes in building freezing, he did what anybody else who doesn't give a damn about the environment would, he turned the hot water on, hosed it out the window, and left it running for the entirety of winter. Up yours, Mother Nature!

He said: "The water running into the pipe is from underground where it is above freezing and that is stopping the water pipes in my house from freezing.

"If that had happened I really would have had to move out. They want me to move but what they were offering was not enough for me to get another place so I'm refusing to leave."

Honestly, I'm surprised some assassin from the construction company didn't climb that ice waterfall and snuff Wen out in his sleep. I've seen movies before, those big construction companies don't dick around. One minute you're refusing to sell your apartment, the next you're DRINKING THROUGH A STRAW THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. "You mean eating?" Dammit, can I get a do-over?

Hit the jump for a closeup.


Thanks to ChaosLex (two tips in a day -- come get a sticker!) and T.J. O, who agree the only time it's okay to run the water when you're not using it is if you're on the john and anticipate being louder than the exhaust fan will be able to mask.

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