Man Builds Robot To Steal Soda From Vending Machines

April 26, 2013


This is a video of French Youtuber ioduremetallique demonstrating the remote controlled robot he built to steal soda cans out of vending machines. The design is pretty impressive and all, but I question dude's morals. Also, the cost vs. benefit analysis of building a robot to steal soda from a vending machine. Cost to build robot: $1,200, value of soda stolen to date: $4.50. Jesus, just rock the machine back and forth till it crushes you like a normal person.

Hit the jump for a video demo of the robot, but skip to 1:20 for the action to begin.

Thanks to Richie L, who doesn't need to steal sodas because he's richie.

  • DimondBack

    If Obongo had a son, it would design something that steals!
    Gibs Me Dat pop.

  • Travis Roberts

    stupit azz nigger.

  • Mighty Molecule

    builds a robot. steals coke zero. must be french.

  • $43624040

    Must be a n1gger.

  • FUall

    /\ ignorant white boy with a little dick! /\

  • This guy is a genius for creating that very interesting robot. At a young age, this guy has what it takes to be the next Tony Stark, the Iron Man. LOL. -

  • DimondBack

    Obongo's son will be visiting Nagger University, for stealing other peoples stuff.

  • Anodos

    All my cyberpunk dreams are coming true.....

  • For what it cost him to build that gadget, he could have bought a LOT of soda.

  • What a dick. This will cost the next person double the price to get a can.

  • Seriously

    Of course its a black guy.

  • $43624040

    Leave it to a n1gger to develop something, and that something is to steal more stuff. Typical n1gger sh!t right here.

  • Dani

    This robot is Bender's ancestor.
    Won't work in USA though.

  • Proctor

    I bet it's not even fluent in over 6 millions forms of communication. Epic fail.

  • DimondBack

    It is fluent in ebonics!

  • disqus_cneYA1Cydq

    I seem to remember a Geekologie article about gold vending, vending machines in the UAE...

  • I just use a sledgehammer.

  • JJtoob

    OK, I'll give him kudos for his technological skills, however:
    I hope that doesn't mean that a real buyer hitting the row with an empty space does not get a can of air, otherwise, you not only killed it for the guy who wanted a Coke Zero, you also screwed up business by discouraging people from buying from that row, unless someone is either dumb or feels generous enough to pay twice.
    Not to mention this means you can only grab one, maybe two cans from each row, at a veeery slow pace.
    Also, when is the kinect version coming out?

  • le.freak

    talks like a retard, and is he French? being born in an eagle's nest doesn't make a rat an eagle.

  • Matthew Little

    Fuck off asshole.

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