Make Them Real: Proposed Adventure Time LEGO Sets

April 17, 2013


These are two proposed Adventure Time themed LEGO sets designed by Cuuso user and Geekologie reader jazlecraz. This is a 1,300-piece set of Jake and Finn's tree fort here (complete with interiors -- picture after the jump), but there's also a smaller, 400-piece 'micro' version for you kids with no patience. Of course, the 1,300-set could also be a 400-piece set if you cant eat 900 of the pieces. Dream big and believe in yourself, that's what my dad always used to say.

Hit the jump for a shot of the rear of this set, and the micro one. But go add your support at the LEGO Cuuso page if you want them to become reality.




Thanks to jazlecraz, half jazle, half craz, 100% all-beef patty.

  • Guest

    Combines with pirate Lego set, double the adventure, double the fun, double mint gum.

  • Spacekatgal

    I love the idea, but it should really be Fiona and Cake.

  • jay h
  • lordpikachu

    adventure time, cmon grab your friends, let's go play legos in our rooms.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Why? That show sucks.

  • MorningPanda

    your opinion is bad and you should feel bad!

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