Magic The Gathering Interactive Fireball-Throwing Wall

April 8, 2013


This is the interactive fireball-throwing wall that Wizards of the Coast (who, for the record, make way better games than Wizards of the Midwest) had on display at PAX East to hype Magic: The Gathering. It uses Kinect motion-tracking and "real time physics and spacial sound effects" to make wanna-be sorcerers feel like they're shooting fireballs. I find it a little ironic this is what they chose to display because Magic has to be one of the least physically interactive games I ever played during lunch in high school. Now hacky sack -- that's a different story. I'd show up to fifth period DRIPPING with sweat. Drove all the girls in my Spanish class wild. So wild they'd all move to the back of the class to refrain themselves from tearing my shirt to pieces and fighting each other for the scraps. I was like Fabio to them but without the lady-hair. Man, they were in loooooove.

Hit the jump for a video of a bunch of people shooting fireballs.

Thanks to Robby, who pointed out if he was there he 100% would have tried to launch a fireball with his peen, which, is far as I'm concerned, is the only way to launch a fireball.

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