Looks Identical: Man Converts Daewoo Into Batmobile

April 8, 2013


This is the Daewoo Matiz that retired mechanic Alan Bennet modded into an original series Batmobile for his six-year old grandson Alfie. Alan spent over £5,000 (~$7,700 -- I have no clue where all that money went) modding the car after it failed inspection. The vehicle is not currently street legal, which is good because the last thing we need is a six-year old zooming around that, sitting on a stack of phone books with toilet plungers taped to his legs because he can't see over the steering wheel or reach the pedals. Did I ever tell you I tried to teach myself how to drive a car while sitting in the passenger seat? It ended badly in a neighbor's pool. Sucks too because they were having a barbeque.

Hit the jump for several more shots including a few of the interior featuring a red Bat phone.







Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, whose grandpa offered to mod a VW bug into a Batmobile for him but he just asked if he could just have the money it would cost instead.

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