Like A Runaway Train: My 12,000th Geekologie Article

April 4, 2013


So this is my 12,000th Geekologie article -- go me. I got a breakfast burrito this morning to celebrate and I even put a candle in it. It was one of those tall tapered ones your mom sets out on the dining room table for Christmas dinner. Yeah, and I just sung 'Happy 12,000 articles to me' in the tune of the Happy Birthday song before blowing it out. I wish you could have been here to see, it was sad as f***. So, I've written the last 12,000 articles since August 2007 -- that's an accomplishment. Granted not one any of my friends or family are proud of, but this isn't about them. This is about you and me. We have a very special relationship. I write things, and then you just read the title and look at the picture before calling me an idiot in the comments. It's the kind of relationship you'd only expect to find in a fairy tale, and yet here we are -- living it. And as much as you probably don't want to admit it, I know that, deep down, if I was ever kidnapped by a dragon you would come slay that dragon and make me your princess. That means the world to me.

I wrote this from a bathroom stall,

Your Geekologie Writer

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