Like A Runaway Train: My 12,000th Geekologie Article

April 4, 2013


So this is my 12,000th Geekologie article -- go me. I got a breakfast burrito this morning to celebrate and I even put a candle in it. It was one of those tall tapered ones your mom sets out on the dining room table for Christmas dinner. Yeah, and I just sung 'Happy 12,000 articles to me' in the tune of the Happy Birthday song before blowing it out. I wish you could have been here to see, it was sad as f***. So, I've written the last 12,000 articles since August 2007 -- that's an accomplishment. Granted not one any of my friends or family are proud of, but this isn't about them. This is about you and me. We have a very special relationship. I write things, and then you just read the title and look at the picture before calling me an idiot in the comments. It's the kind of relationship you'd only expect to find in a fairy tale, and yet here we are -- living it. And as much as you probably don't want to admit it, I know that, deep down, if I was ever kidnapped by a dragon you would come slay that dragon and make me your princess. That means the world to me.

I wrote this from a bathroom stall,

Your Geekologie Writer

  • Thanks for all the humor and information you bring to the internet. You being around has certainly kept me entertained and in good spirits during boring/rough times. Kudos!

  • WishIwerePenny

    May you ride a dino over a rainbow! (We <3 U)

  • Dan McGreal

    this is literally (yes the L word) the only website i check every day besides worldsex since i found either of them and the latter makes me orgasm sometimes.

  • laurenonizzle

    You are the princess of my heart forever and ever. Never stop. You make me laugh every single day.

  • some guy

    checking geekologie is seriously a daily routine for me. keep it going!

  • Estha Fiesta

    Maybe we should subtract all the posts where you're just celebrating a milestone! :P

    just kidding! we love your atrocious way of delivering the least important news ever! :D

  • Alf, in pog form

    Thanks GW, you are one helluva funny bugger!

  • Eric Hettervik

    Congrats GW! I don't care about the news, just about how it's delivered. And that's why I keep coming back here day after day. ^_^

  • Katrina Bérubé

    i've been visiting for years.
    why don't you just try and replace the top right google advertisement with geekologie stuff for sale?
    like geekologie t-shirts or mug cups?
    just try it, sounds easy enough.

    Perhaps you'll be writing the 20000th post in a gold plated bathroom stall.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Keep 'em coming! We love you! :)

  • Danielle Smith

    Thank you for making my internet browsing more awesome. I check your site daily and wish i had one ounce of your wit and creativity.

  • Rachel

    Right on GW. I've been reading your stuff apparently since when you started because I know I first read in '07. You've been the home homepage on many oast and present phones and laptops. I tell a lot of friends about this blog because it rocks. Keep it up, less the robot start trying to take over the comedy-geek-blog-scene!

  • Norbert Kuhr

    your work and humor are appreciated. thank you.

  • Congratulations and jubilations!
    Long my you rein GW!

  • mateo10

    I seriously love this site. Even If I have already seen the article somewhere else, I come here for the writing. There's been a few times where the article was so funny, that throughout my whole day I kept laughing about it. Congrats!

  • Xaghce

    I've been reading for years from abroad and ur posts keep me tuned in to what's happening in America that's REALLY important. Thanks =D

  • Congrats, man!

  • Cowardly Anonymous

    I read your site for the articles. But also for the blackjack and hookers.

  • Alejandro Mantecón Guillén

    Awesome GW! Congratulations!

  • Congretulations and stay where you are! In the bathroom...!

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