LEGO's 2,359-Piece LOTR Tower Of Orthanc Playset

April 29, 2013


LEGO has just announced the July release of a 2,359-piece Tower of Orthanc playset. The Tower of Orthanc is not to be confused with Barad-dûr, which is the tower with the Eye of Sauron peeking around on top. So yeah, that's why there's no eye. I'm sure you already knew that though because you're a smart cookie. Plus probably own at least one Lord of the Rings sword replica. I have a high elf warrior sword! Or at least I did before my mom took it away from me after I fell on it playing orc defender way past my bedtime.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of the playset's three designers (all with mesmerizing voices) discussing its features (it has a full open back with different rooms and all that).

Thanks to devon and Lazlow3, who agrees its high time LEGO produce some quality dino themed playsets. Yeah! I'm thinking something with a baking soda and vinegar volcano.

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