Japanese Teens Playing Quidditch In Real Life Pictures

April 8, 2013


I spy a hoverboard.

First Dragon Ball moves in real life, then Vader force-choking, and now some Quidditch in real life pictures (although some just look like witches). It's weird how the internet works, isn't it? It's like, cyclical. Just one big turd-recycling series of tubes. Think of it as a lazy river -- no matter how many times you go around, you always wind up back at the same spot. Anybody want to guess what next week's picture meme will be? Because I'm hoping for giant boobs with 'I HEART GW' written on them. Now that would be new and exciting.

Hit the jump for a couple more.





Thanks to Kevin, who's convinced the next big picture meme is gonna involve animals. And as an internet expect, that sounds realistic.

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