Japanese Schoolgirls Recreating Dragon Ball Moves IRL

April 3, 2013


Remember planking? I hope now you can look back and realize just how stupid that was. I'll give you a minute to delete all the pictures off your Facebook profile. Done? Now accept my friendship request already. This is a series of shots of Japanese schoolgirls recreating Dragon Ball moves in photographs. It's what planking wished it could have been if it wasn't so busy licking the school bus window and eating unwrapped candy off the ground.

Hit the jump for a bunch more.








Thanks to Argee and LupusYonderboy, who can both perform Dragon Ball moves for real and don't think schoolgirls faking it is very cool.

  • Lu Bu

    I prefer "Musouing".

  • Kevin

    I love the random girl wearing the medical mask. Can't be too safe!

  • Luka Mlinar

    If only Dragonball: Evolution was this good.

  • David K. Arruda

    You actually expected that garbage to be GOOD?

  • His Krumphries

    Same move 5 times? Dope.

  • da1nonlysage

    I hate people that do that! damn spammers

  • Kevin kalnasy

    They're calling it "Hadoukening".

  • the antagonist

    No they're not. It's part of a viral marketing campaign for the new Dragon Ball Z movie that was just released in Japan.

  • Michael James

    Accurate or not, that's what it is now. http://knowyourmeme.com/mem...

  • I find it much cooler to refer to it by it's real name: Demonic Piercing Light Murder Gun

  • Onin Baylen


    Sometimes the Japanese attack name sounds much cooler! :)

  • Rebecca Cristian

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  • grimbldoo

    I like to read these two posts as one.

  • kimastermike

    It looks a little more like Pain's Shinra Tensei from Naruto.

  • Kristopher Rodriguez

    I completely agree, and so does an image on google. http://t2.gstatic.com/image...

  • GizmoDuck

    I'm sure it's better than the real Dragonball movie

  • Turbosloth

    So all of a sudden tentacle rape isn't cool anymore?

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