Interactive Music Video You Participate In w/ Your Cursor

April 16, 2013


Note: Video does contain some brief bare boobie action so make sure to call everybody in the office over before you start it.

This is an interactive music video for the band Light Light's song 'Kilo'. You just follow the instructions on the screen as the song plays, then they add your cursor to a new composite video every hour. Whee, you're in a music video! It's easy to recognize me because when they ask you to not hover over the nude model I was the one circling the left nip. I'm basically famous now. Want an autograph? "No." TAKE MY AUTOGRAPH. "This says 'Give me all your money, I have a knife.'" Haha! I said I'm famous, not rich.

Thanks to Fitz, who has been in numerous music videos before as a backup dancer. So jealous right now.

  • samuel

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  • Datku

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  • ImNoRobot

    what the shit man...all i have is a DO NOT TOUCH, USE YOUR MOUSE splattered across my screen...I can see the very bottom of the video
    0/10 shitty programing

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Too many people are prudes, when they say get off the model, GET OFF THE MODEL!!!

  • Myexact thoughtsa when it got to that part.


  • jbb

    It's fake, The video is available on Vimeo since three weeks now

  • We replace the video every hour using Vimeo's rest api:

  • jbb

    I tried keeping my pointer in a corner, doing small circles. 12 hours later, I still can't see it...

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