Insane Japanese Dance Dance Revolution Player

April 29, 2013


This is a video of some guy in Japan made of nothing but Redbull and uncut cocaine playing Dance Dance Revolution, or the Japanese equivalent of Dance Dance Revolution. He's quick. If I was ever challenged to a duel I would pay this guy to take my place and kill my enemy. And, if I couldn't come up with all the money he wanted for the job, I'd have to go with plan B: flee the country, move to South America, grow a beard, and only respond to 'Mr. Monchichi, banana magnate'.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to philippe, who once Dance Dance Revolutioned so hard the machine started spitting out money like a slot machine.

  • Marc Nadeau

    High Score!?!? Is that good, did I break the game?

  • bob

    I can't even type that fast

  • Lyndis

    >Japanese equivalent to DDR

    The ignorance of that statement..

  • FrostyLED

    the pure lack of sensing humor

  • firstofthefallen

    Monchichi, Monchichi, so soft and cuddly!

  • Guest

    Monchichi, Monchichi, so soft and cuddly!

  • I know this just makes me a snob but honestly, posting a DDR video in 2013? This game has been dead for a decade. When this game was at its peak you could literally go into any arcade and find a player capable of doing this. Hell, just look at the related videos.

  • Jason Moore

    Great, now I have to look up DDR videos on YouTube. That should be a very interesting rabbit hole.

  • BeastmanAIDS

    I wonder if the game developers make these levels anticipating people to pass or they're just sitting at their computer mashing code to fuck with the customers.

  • Max Baldwin

    I remember my first time playing DDR

  • JonathanCoit

    39 misses? What a failure. Why does he even try?

  • CaptainGuntu

    He kills communists for fun.

  • Ross Huddleston

    I know this guy. I liked him in this scene of Kung Fu Hustle...

  • he get a C, i just wonder, WHAT THE FUCK YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET S!!!

  • Don

    Watch Mad Matt and you know what fast DDR/ITG is..

  • Frédéric Purenne


  • Jeremy Tilton

    He cheated. He touched the bar.

  • the secret is that he scratch his asshole at the start.

  • Azariel_z

    Don't touch that !!!

  • Pizza

    I was just imaging him at a club and a girl in place of the video game screen.

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