Inactive Account Manager: Google Now Offers Options For How You'd Like Your Data Treated After You're Dead

April 11, 2013


Inactive Account Manager is a new service offered by Google that allows users to determine how they want all their Gmail and other data dealt with after a certain period of inactivity (aka DEAD). You just pick a length of time and whether you'd like your data sent to predetermined contacts, or deleted entirely (I would probably choose this option unless you were writing a lot of emails to yourself about how if you're found dead it was an Illuminati conspiracy and the mystery must be unraveled). So here's what I did: set up a new Gmail account, imported all my contacts, clicked on every sketchy boner pill ad I came across on the internet, gave them my new email, then sat back and watched my inbox fill up with 20,000 pecker enhancing emails. Now I'm requesting if I don't log in within two days to send the entirety of my inbox to everyone on my contacts list. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But seriously, some of you should look into them -- girls talk.

Thanks to chichi, who agrees there should be an option to have all your email forwarded to heaven.

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