Inactive Account Manager: Google Now Offers Options For How You'd Like Your Data Treated After You're Dead

April 11, 2013


Inactive Account Manager is a new service offered by Google that allows users to determine how they want all their Gmail and other data dealt with after a certain period of inactivity (aka DEAD). You just pick a length of time and whether you'd like your data sent to predetermined contacts, or deleted entirely (I would probably choose this option unless you were writing a lot of emails to yourself about how if you're found dead it was an Illuminati conspiracy and the mystery must be unraveled). So here's what I did: set up a new Gmail account, imported all my contacts, clicked on every sketchy boner pill ad I came across on the internet, gave them my new email, then sat back and watched my inbox fill up with 20,000 pecker enhancing emails. Now I'm requesting if I don't log in within two days to send the entirety of my inbox to everyone on my contacts list. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But seriously, some of you should look into them -- girls talk.

Thanks to chichi, who agrees there should be an option to have all your email forwarded to heaven.

  • Just arrange to have your login info passed along to someone computer-literate that you trust. They can then do whatever needs to be done in line with your wishes, no fiddling around with creepy new features required.

    It's much easier than the alternative; as everyone's "computer friend," I've been asked more than once to hack my way into deceased peoples' computers by family members and while it's all well and good, I really wished I'd had some sort of clue as to what the deceased's wishes would have actually been; it may just have been something other than "unlock my lappy and then hand it over to my grieving mom, porn and all."

  • JimmyThr

    Leave no trace

  • n_a_a_s

    just delete all my porn, I dont care about leaving anything else behind

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