Impressive Custom-Made USS Enterprise Transformer

April 26, 2013


This is the 'Autobot E' USS Enterprise Transformer hacked together from existing toy parts by reader and DeviantARTist Unicron9 (who knows how to write a hell of an email by the way). It looks like the Enterprise, but can also transform into "a majestic alien look with a mix of Geordi's visor, Vulcan ears, and Andorian antennas." So it's got that going for it. Me? I don't have really have anything going for me. I used to be able to get by on my looks, but those crapped out after third grade. One year the girls are all chasing me around on the playground, the next I can't even sit at their f***ing table at lunch. They used to call me babe magnet, man.

Thanks to Unicron9, who makes a bunch of mashup toys you should check out if that's your thing. If that's not your thing maybe you should consider checking ME out. *licks finger, touches butt making sizzling noise*

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