Impressive: Arcade Themed Post-It Stop Motion Video

April 3, 2013


Note: No screencap is really going to do the video justice, so just watch it. If you don't like it I'll let you come to my house and punch me but you've never seen me before so I will be giving you my roommate's description.

This is a super impressive video game themed stop motion animation made by Michael Birken using Post-Its. It took over 2,304-hours (the equivalent of 96 days) spanning 11 months to create and consists of 5,772 individual frames. I can't even fathom spending that much time on a project. Usually by the second day I've lost interest in whatever I was doing and I'm back on my usual stool at the bar explaining to the bartender why I'm back despite telling him just two days ago, "You probably won't be seeing me for a really, really long time."

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to killahertz, who once walked around at work all day with a Post-It on his back that said, 'If you can read this you can probably smell the fart too. Maybe next time you'll think twice before invading somebody's personal space.' SOLID BRO, I hate when people trail too close behind.

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