I'm Hungry: How To Make Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs

April 4, 2013


Because I'm hungry but don't have anything in the fridge but store-brand condiments and expired salad dressing, here's a short video tutorial of how to make scrambled eggs STILL IN THE SHELL. I'm not sure what the purpose of making scrambled eggs still in the shell is, but if I had to guess I'd say novelty. Or maybe you hate the taste of the yolk alone but still want to take some hard boiled eggs to work for a snack. But don't you dare think about making egg salad at your desk with those things because this is a cubicle environment and I can smell that shit from here. I'll puke, I really will.

Hit the jump for the informative video, which may or may not involve wrapping an egg in a long t-shirt sleeve and then BEATING IT AGAINST THE WALL AS HARD AS YOU CAN. Spoiler: the shirt part, yes, the rest, no.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees the best eggs are deviled ones and that is an UNDENIABLE FACT OF NATURE.

  • Kady Yeomans

    Didn't work at all. I did have two eggs explode in the pot of water though

  • twitchymckid

    This doesn't work even a little bit. I did it EXACTLY as shown and all I ended up with was eggs that were insanely difficult to open and looked like they were pock marked (think a badly acne scarred face) and not scrambled. Search for "twitchythekid" on Photobucket to see the result.

  • skogsmurvel

    This is an easier way to do it...


  • best scrambled eggs:
    melt butter, pour onto 3 eggs in a bowel
    use whisk til its all nice and bubbly
    pour in skillet, add a tad of mozerella to make it moist.
    cook on medium-low to medium. the trick is not to overcook. overcooking makes eggs hard and gross.
    once the eggs are getting semi hard (like I am right now 8=======(> ) you sprinkle your favorite cheese, preferably a sharp cheddar, on top
    reduce heat and cover. let heat build up and melt the cheese and finish cooking the eggs.
    out comes super tender, cheesy, moist yummy cheesy eggs.
    have heart attack from obesity later in life.
    you're welcome!
    when you die, can i have your stuff?

  • J A Z Z I C A

    3 eggs in a bowel? ew, gross.

  • agatha

    Don't like it..

  • Eric Carbrey

    Top Notch

  • Bryan Kral

    Is this video of Megan Fox's hands peeling an egg?

  • J A Z Z I C A

    more people than just megan fox have clubbed thumbs...or toe thumb. i doubt it's her...unless you were being sarcastic, but even in that case...no, lol.

  • Michael Bristow

    Cant you just shake it?

  • Jacques-André Langelier

    Nope, shaking it would only move the mass from one end to another, you need to make it spin on itself...to this day i am still looking for a better/efficient way to do it. A diabolo-like motion would be the best

  • Thanatoslives

    To me, This looks like an excellent prank to get hundreds of people to ruin their jumper sleeves. Can anyone speak for this idea?

  • NotJoe

    But how do I make cheesy scrambled eggs in the shell?

  • V_Ferg

    But you need a little milk, salt, and butter to get some delicious scrambled eggs. Doesn't matter if everything inside is mixed together in this recipe I still consider this a hard boiled egg.

  • GreyGanado

    That's why it's called a scrambled hard boiled egg.

  • Brant_Alan

    Not nearly as useful as HowToBasic's videos

  • addict131


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