I'm Crushing Your Head: Zombie Faced Slippers

April 4, 2013


Are they supposed to be like, eating your feet, or are you STOMPING THEIR FACES? This is a pair of $30 dangling-eye zombie head slippers from Firebox. Their currently available for pre-order and are one-size-fits-most up to a men's 10.5. Which is a shame, because I'm a solid 12. And you know what they say about guys with big feet, don't you? They're generally taller. I'm 6'1" with the pecker of a child.

Thanks to Tallon, who wears shoes to bed because he was a Boy Scout and never lets his guard down.

  • Yeah, I ordered them. They are by ThinkGeek, and they are five dollars cheaper on thinkgeek.com

  • Carlos Bustamante

    pre-order? i have had mine since last year!

  • You wouldn't want to get out of your head whilst wearing those.

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