Iffy: More 'Sexy' Star Wars Costumes For The Ladies

April 22, 2013


Just in time for six months until Halloween, this is a new series of 'sexy' Star Wars character costumes for sale over at Costume Craze. They look perfect for the girl who's never actually seen Star Wars. *fast forward to Halloween, I'm a really badass looking Ninja Turtle, girl walks up* Well hello there, and who are you supposed to be? "Tehehe, I'm the bad guy from Star Track!" *spit-take* I need some air, is the keg outside?

Hit the jump for six more.







Thanks to Brandie, who's Halloweening as none of these.

  • No Jabba the Hut?

  • agatha

    Ugh! I don't even want to get caught death in those! Whe! :(

  • kaos

    The Darth Talon one is not that bad actully, it's the stupid inflatable hat thing that makes it look really dumb!
    The bodysuit Stormtrooper is the only one that overall is both sexy and still close enougth to the original charater to make it worthwhile.
    I don't really see most of them ever being worn, but you always get "those" people that buy the super lame costumes, just so they can say they made "some" effort, so i guess you never know!

  • Dez McWane

    I'm loving the knit hats actually but I collect off the wall hats. Lol. The rest of the costume is just ridiculous.

  • PuraPuma

    These are the most stupid costumes I've seen in a long time. They aren't sexy nor do they invoke the spirit of Star Wars in any way.

  • Steve Cheek

    Darth Talon...Weak

  • Ragnogroth

    I don't think they're sexy at all.
    And Darth Talon just looks fucking ridiculous.

  • Grue

    Seriously? No one could get Boba Fettish up there an actual blaster? These are all so fail...

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Sexy? Only one of them shows any part of a boob, and that one has that stupid fucking hat.

  • zin

    "No Mistress Stormtrooper, anything but a the blaster!"
    "Anything?" - pulls out vibroblade.

  • Kaity

    Only good part of these costumes are the rad socks.

  • Drew Rochon

    Some of the laziest lightsaber skills I've ever seen ...

  • I wish someone would tell costume makers that a tutu on a costume doesn't make it a "girl" costume. It's pretty tacky and lazy considering they could just do a regular pencil skirt and make the costumes look at least more like the characters. If dogs don't like wearing tutus, why would nerdy girls?

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    "If dogs don't like wearing tutus, why would nerdy girls?"

    Wait, how does that make any sense? Unless you're saying all nerdy girls are dogs.

  • I mentioned dogs because it is just as ridiculous to see them in tutus as it is to see non-ballerina adults wearing tutus. If I am claiming to be a nerdy girl, why would I call myself a dog? Glad you took time to mention that one detail out of the whole thing. Thank you.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    You're welcome! Of course you're not a nerdy girl. Nerdy girls wouldn't make such a nonsensical statement.

  • George Williams

    I don't think these were made for real nerdy girls...

  • lorobird

    Said George Williams, PhD on Defining Nerdy And Discerning Who Is A True Nerdy Girl While Dismissing Those Other Sluts.

    I bet you are really really nerdy!

  • George Williams

    P.S. A nerdy girl's costume would be a whole lot cooler, would you like me to introduce you to some that do LARP type stuff and cosplay and actually do a good job at making their own costumes perhaps?

  • George Williams

    I am actually, I got beat up quite a bit as a kid until I graduated high school, I just got smack talked about it in the Marines ~_~
    I don't consider myself a nerd really anymore though, I just get called one still, which is fine by me.

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