I'd Read Those: Video Games As Little Golden Books

April 1, 2013


Remember Little Golden Books? Those things were awesome and the perfect length for an afternoon potty sesh. Now? Now I sit there in pain for like an hour asking myself why the hell I eat the things I do. Animator Joebot has created a small series of video games (Bioshock, Portal and Skyrim) imagined as Little Golden Books. I'm especially fond of the Bioshock one, but I'm especially fond of Bioshock in general. If Rapture really existed, I would live there, and I would be its king. Just me and Sander Cohen taking boner plasmids and making art all day.

Hit the jump for the other two.



Thanks to PYY, who agrees a Little Golden Book before bed is sure to give you sweet dreams. Spotting a spider when you're crawling under the covers? You're f***ed.

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